Is there a secret military Alien base under Denver International Airport?

Conspiracy Theory or Cover-up since 1995.

The Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory

One of the best, or worst kept secrets is the alleged military base underneath the new Denver International Airport. The new complex has been the subject of numerous conspiracy theories before even being finished.

First off, the cost. The initial project was slated at 1.7 billion but actually cost around 5 billion with numerous delays.

What really stirred up some rumors was the discovery of the blueprints called a “first attempt” at building the new airport.

These blueprints show a total of five buildings that were completed and then abandoned due to being built in the wrong locations. It was later decided bury them, complete and intact instead or using them for something else. People believe that these buildings were not just buried or abandoned, but actually make up part of the underground complex that is buried beneath the airport.

Numerous theories regarding what these underground facilities might be, from FEMA detention units, to “hideaway” bases for the worlds rich and famous. But then numerous construction workers came forward and claimed that there were five-story buildings below the main airport as well as a secret network of tunnels. This just added to the conspiracy theories.

Another reason could be that Denver was chosen for this secret installation is because the city is a mile above sea level. This works well if there is any kind of natural or manmade disaster, especially one that may involve major flooding and rising sea levels.

The pictures to the right are the two Alien specie types believed to reside under Denver Airport.

10 Alien Types

` Zeta Gray Alien
Zeta Gray Alien
` Reptilian
Reptilian Alien