[L]earning [M]anagement [S]ystem

What is it? & How It Works


LMS or Learning Management System is a computer software program that allows the user to take a supplied course in an area that the user needs or wants to learn about. The user can select the training feature where he or she will learn about the course or they can choose to take a test in that category and see how they do.

The LMS or Learning Management System will cover most of the category areas listed in the main menu under categories.

The "CORE", or management part of it is completed. All that has to be done is write the questions and create the tests.

This is going to take some time. As of right now we only have one person doing this.

We will be looking for more people as time goes on.

LMS Questions


As of this writing we will be offering courses in the following categories:

  1. Animals
    1. Naming for Children
    2. Tank setup
    3. Habitats
  2. Computers
    1. Networking
    2. Operating Systems
    3. Setting One Up
  3. Electrical
    1. Basic Ohm's Law
    2. Commercial Wiring
      1. Wire Color Codes
    3. Industrial Wiring
    4. Residential Wiring
      1. Bathrooms
      2. Home Runs
      3. Lighting
      4. Pools & Spas
      5. Wire Color Codes
  4. Electronics
    1. Basic Ohm's Law
    2. Resistors
    3. Series - Parallel Circuits
  5. Medical

The above course listing can change at any moment, either adding or removing courses.

We are not yet sure what or how the courses will look like with-in each category

Also, As of right now all courses except the certification courses are free. The certification courses are supplied by the state or other group or organization.